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Direct Access


We are delighted that we are now able to offer our services, in appropriate cases, directly to the public.


The most common form of directly instructing a barrister is through the Direct Access scheme, which allows members of the public to instruct barristers directly, without the need to use both a barrister and a solicitor.


This has a number of advantages to the client, including the fact the barrister will be advising from the outset, instead of at a later stage of proceedings, and going straight to the barrister will mean there is often a significant cost saving.


Early & Consistent Advice

Direct Access allows the client to meet the barrister at an early stage and for them to work together in making important decisions relating to strategy and tactics that may influence how a case will finally be determined.


The client will receive advice directly from the barrister regarding the nature and seriousness of the case and the strength of the evidence. This early engagement allows important decisions, which may have far-reaching consequences, to be taken together including, for instance, how to approach any interview or questioning by a regulatory body.


The client has the added benefit of knowing from the outset who his barrister will be and the barrister will be able to agree a strategy with the client at the start and to follow this through. The fact the barrister is consistent means the client will not have to repeat any instructions or deal with different solicitors or case handlers within a firm.


Cost Saving

Furthermore, because there is only one barrister involved, instead of both a solicitor and a barrister, there is a consequent and significant cost saving for the client.

How to Enquire

For further information about direct instructions please may contact with our clerks via email, or alternatively you can call them on 0151 229 2030. They will be able to discuss the facts of your case with you, which barrister is best suited to your case and explain what fees may be charged and when.

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