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The Pupillage applications process for September 2024 is now open. Further information can be found on the 'Pupillage Gateway' at:

Pupils will be given the platform to forge a busy and successful practice at the Criminal Bar. We are known for our down to earth approach with clients and solicitors. We are seeking a well-rounded candidate with excellent interpersonal and advocacy skills. We encourage applications from any candidate who is determined to succeed at the Criminal Bar regardless of their background. Applications will be judged on merit. 


Application Procedure:

1. Application is by way of Curriculum Vitae and a one page covering letter in size 12 font, which should be emailed to:


2. The application should be accompanied by a completed Diversity Data monitoring form, which can be downloaded from the pupillage section on our website.  The form will be kept separate and will not feature in any decision to interview or recruit.


3. The application email should have 3 attachments:

      3.1 Letter (File Name: “Candidate’s SURNAME, first name - Letter”)

      3.2 CV (File Name: “Candidate’s SURNAME First Name - CV”)

      3.3 Diversity Monitoring Form (File Name: “Candidate’s Initials, Diversity Monitoring Form”)


4. Applications not sent in the correct format, as stated above, may not be considered. 








A mini-pupillage is an opportunity to experience life at the bar and in chambers, by shadowing one of our barristers. Chambers typically offers mini-pupillage for one day only, and welcomes applications from those wishing to pursue a career at the bar.

Chambers particularly invites applications for mini-pupillages from candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. Chambers is a part of the 'Bridging the Bar' mini-pupillage initiative. You can read more about this initiative here:

Chambers is proud of its unique association with the Ashinaga Foundation and the opportunities it affords to overseas students from deprived backgrounds. You can read more about the Ashinaga Foundation here:

Chambers is currently revamping its mini-pupillage application process. More details will be provided here in the new year.


Chambers welcomes applications for tenancy from experienced practitioners. All applications should be addressed to the Head of the Pupillage and Tenancy Committee, Mr Desmond Lennon. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Chambers is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to ensuring the highest standards of equality and diversity. For further information, please see our 'Policies' page.

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